Here's what's included in this bundle: 
This SaaS landing page bundle is made after working on 200+ SaaS landing pages (phew!) 
  • 20 UX Tips to increase your landing page conversions along with examples
  • Bite-sized content that you can devour in 30 seconds 
  • 26 tips to write your landing page headline that converts and brings you users 
  • The 3 levels of writing headlines that stick 
  • How to put yourself in your customer's brain 
  • The 9 factors shaping your customer's perception about your product 
  • 10 steps to create a perception of your product your customers will love 
  • 23 more landing page tips (this one is more general)
  • 5 persuasion/consumer psychology tips to 10x your landing page conversions
  • 8-step landing page copywriting framework
  • 4 ways to make your customers do what you want them to do on your landing page 
  • Selling FOMO 
  • 20+ headline syntaxes to get you inspired to write your next killer headline
  • A database of 100+ tools to build, launch and scale your startup using your landing page 

Quite a bundle ain't it? 

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